report KPI showing Revenue Average OVER the Sales Threshold

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Is there any existing KPI that shows total revenue or total job average OVER the sales threshold? For example, i want to see my tech averages excluding what they were "going there to collect" already...

ie: how much did my technician collect on a maintenance ABOVE the standard maintenance fee?


If there isnt a KPI for this there DEFINITELY should be! 


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Hi there!

If you have your job types set up fully, there's no need for a separate KPI 😊

What do I mean by this? Let me explain...

Navigate to your job types in settings. There is a field called "sold threshold". This field should be set to $1 over your service fee, so this minimum collected you spoke of. (For companies that don't have a service fee, this should be $1 at least). 

Anytime this sold threshold is exceeded on a job, it will be considered "converted". So if you're wanting the average of jobs that exceed the sold threshold, you're just looking for the average of converted jobs. You'll notice in the "Jobs" dataset in reporting, there is a "converted" KPI. So you'll use that column and set the filter to yes. Then you'll want the "Jobs Total" column available as well, so that you can navigate to the very bottom of the report and choose "AVG" from the dropdown. (By the way, if you don't have a dropdown at the bottom of the report, you'll want your CSM to turn on the "alloweditaggregatesinreportinggrid" configuration. More information here: )

Following this practice will also help your dashboards to be more accurate. Companies that are not accurately using the sold threshold field (i.e. leaving it at $0) will notice that it looks like their technicians are "converting" all of their jobs - and that truly isn't the case. 

More resources for you here: 

KnowledgeBase: What is a sold threshold?

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