Materials report

I need to build report showing materials only with a specific material. I cannot figure out how to, i don't want it done by item or task, as our install jobs done use that we use it only in materials

sharon_p by New Contributor II
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YOY trends custom dashboard

Am I missing something? When I run the YOY trends -completed revenue report it puts it in a nice graph why when I add it to a custom dashboard am I just getting columns of data? Does anyone know a way around this or do I need to submit an Idea?

Screenshot 2023-10-13 090635.png Screenshot 2023-10-13 090648.png
RandiThompson by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Best Reports Suggestion needed

I am starting to schedule reports for follow ups for both leads and recurring service events. What is your best suggestion and time frame to do them? I want a report daily but not sure what the best time frame for the report would be...daily/weekly, ...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Pricebook Task Report

I'm looking to create (or find) a report that will let me know the frequency of tasks selected from the pricebook. I know there are some tasks that never get used so it may be a good opportunity to train on those items with the team or eliminate them...

TSYS Settlement Detail - Drill Down

Anyone know if there is a way to get the TSYS Settlement Report scheduled, where is will show the expanded data from the batches? I've been racking my brain for my accounting department trying to figure it out. Ultimately - what I need to see is the ...

ashsmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Export Heat Map Data

The data on the Dashboard Heat Map is very helpful when monitoring marketing impact, Geo growth and year over year growth. After talking to Support there is not currently a way to export this data or create a custom report to see tha same data. Can a...

J3 by New Contributor
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Warranty Items

Having an issue running reports on warranty items. Wanted to know how many x we have installed vs. taken back under warranty. Creating a Warranty item in the price book doesn't help because its a task. Anyone have any ideas without effecting inventor...

ceaton by New Contributor II
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Notes on Jobs

This is an odd one.During a meeting yesterday we realized that we need to pull a report that grabs all jobs with a certain phrase typed in the notes and I am stumped at how to mine that data out of the system. Anyone have any tips??

seemore by New Contributor III
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Projects Dashboard Edit Project Status

Please vote for this idea!COMMUNITY-I-4942We'd love to be able to edit a projects status directly from the Project Dashboard instead of having to click into each project individually.

codybumpus by New Contributor III
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