Updated! New 2022 Benchmark Report is Now Available (Including Canada!)

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator




We are excited to announce the February 2023 release of your personalized Benchmark Report -- powered by Titan Intelligence. In this version of data-driven insights, we take a look at the full year 2022 as well as benchmarks for October, November, and December months. 

How did your business do compared to others like yours in 2022? Find out by downloading your free report that shows how you compare to similar businesses in terms of average ticket size (for install and service), completed revenue, and install-to-service revenue ratios.

We also include links to  Titan Advisor recommendations for you based on the results of your own report. 

Who is eligible for this version of the Benchmark Report?

You must be a ServiceTitan Administrator to request your report. We ask ST Admins to enter their ServiceTitan User ID and the email associated with that ID on the request form. Also please note, you may not have a Benchmark Report available if:

  • You are still in Onboarding or you have been live on ServiceTitan for less than a year
  • Your business is in Alaska or Puerto Rico 
  • Your business did not have at least 100 jobs completed between October - December 2022
  • Your business opted out of the Publications on the Data Preferences page in ServiceTitan

Any changes from the last Benchmark Report which was released in October 2022?

  • Canadian customers are now eligible to receive a report
  • The Install-to-Service Revenue Ration calculation has changed. Please see the FAQ on the last page of the report to see how we now calculate this metric.
  • We link to this blog post of 2023 trends - be cure to check it out!

Will there be a webinar to review how we should be reading this report and what actions we should take based on these benchmarks?

  • Yes! Join us for a live, interactive webinar on Thursday, March 2 at 10AM PT with Tom Howard, Chris Hunter, and Deanna Kawasaki. Register here.


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