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7 Game-changing Cross-product Integration Tools for Contractors

ServiceTitan offers advanced tools tailored for both commercial and residential contractors. Enhance your revenue, expand your business operations, and adeptly address daily obstacles. Utilizing ServiceTitan equips you with practical strategies for your contracting activities in 2024. Embrace the new year with updated approaches to managing your commercial contracting projects.



"At ServiceTitan, we have the tools you need to make you successful. If you want to get the right lead, we've got Marketing Pro. If you want to book the right job, we've got Scheduling Pro. If you want to get the right technician, Dispatch Pro, and closing the sale? Integrated Financing."

– Angie Snow, ServiceTitan's Principal Industry Advisor


ServiceTitan Cross-product Integrations

Here's a simplified explanation of the value each of ServiceTitan's Pro Products brings to both commercial and residential contractors:

1. Marketing Pro: Target the Right Leads

  • Commercial: Helps businesses reach a wider audience, promote their services, and establish a strong brand presence.
  • Residential: Provides tools to attract homeowners through targeted campaigns, enhancing visibility and driving more leads.

ServiceTitan Marketing Pro serves as a comprehensive tool tailored for the trades industry. This multifaceted solution simplifies marketing processes, emphasizing customer satisfaction and acquisition.

Marketing Pro makes the most of your customer information and boosts your contracting business. You can expect more calls, more booked jobs, and increased customer spending—all with the help of its user-friendly solution. Tune into the "Pantheon Live 2023: Pull Good Ideas From Great People" podcast session at the 35-minute and 54-second mark (35:54:00), where you'll learn about maximizing Marketing Pro. Explore Marketing Pro's Optimizing Power of Today and Tomorrow for more information.

Harness your business strategy and succeed in 2024 using Marketing Pro and Scheduling Pro together. Tailored for trade businesses, these Pro Products optimize different facets of your operations. They work best when combined to provide a complete solution to target customers, capture demand, and simplify operations. 

Dive into the Marketing for the Trades Summit Webinar! Did you miss out on this groundbreaking webinar? We have thrilling news for you! We're granting exclusive access to the complete recording of this pivotal event. This is the key to enhancing your marketing strategy for 2024. Watch Webinar.

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 Source:, 2023

2. Phones Pro: Your Advanced Phone Solution

  • Commercial: Offers advanced phone solutions tailored for businesses, ensuring clear communication with clients, suppliers, and team members.
  • Residential: Ensures every customer call is attended to promptly and professionally, fostering trust and reliability.

"For our customers to date, over 50% of outbound calls from Second Chance Leads result in a booked job. That means every other time you go out to bat, you're hitting a home run. And then on top of all of that, in July, over 50% of Phones Pro users who use Second Chance Leads saw this feature more than covered their month's Phones Pro bill."

— Sarah Sheehan, Group Product Manager of Titan Intelligence, ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan Phones Pro is like a modern phone service for your business, all set in the cloud. It works seamlessly with ServiceTitan to elevate your customer interactions. With this tool, you can enhance your team's performance, boost booking rates, increase revenue, and streamline operations. Learn more.

Explore Second Chance Leads — Get Another Shot at Closing the Sale for more information.

3. Pricebook Pro

  • Commercial: Simplifies the pricing of services, allowing contractors to provide accurate quotes and ensure profitability for each project.
  • Residential: Enables transparent pricing for homeowners, building trust and preventing misunderstandings.

The ServiceTitan Pricebook plays a crucial role in the seamless functioning of other features within the ServiceTitan platform, such as Estimates, Invoicing, Purchasing, and more. Within the Pricebook, users can generate and oversee a catalog of services, materials, and equipment, facilitating technicians in locating and presenting offerings to customers effortlessly. Typically led by an office coordinator, Pricebook screens are consistently maintained to guarantee that the listed items remain comprehensive and current. This ensures a smooth integration of services and accurate information across various functionalities.

Think of ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro as your smart companion for flat-rate solutions. It's uniquely designed to help boost your revenue while saving you lots of time on setup and upkeep, making your business operations smoother and more efficient. Learn more. 

Explore How ServiceTitan Makes Pricing Easy with New Pricing Builder Tool for more information. 

4. FleetPro: Manage Fleet with Automation

  • Commercial: Manages the fleet of vehicles, optimizing routes, tracking maintenance, and ensuring timely arrivals at job sites.
  • Residential: Ensures punctual service calls, reduces downtime due to vehicle issues, and enhances the overall efficiency of home service operations.

ServiceTitan Fleet Pro is the ultimate toolkit for fleet management in the trade industry. Harness the power of real-time and historical data, making sharper decisions directly from the ServiceTitan platform. Automated GPS Timesheets keep technician records accurate without a hitch.

Fleet Pro offers extra vigilance with its GPS tracking, spotting unexpected vehicle routes and ensuring vehicles stick to their designated work areas and hours. Furthermore, timely maintenance alerts are reliable reminders, guaranteeing that vehicles remain in optimal condition. This saves money, promotes driver safety, ensures uninterrupted operations, and fosters a prosperous business. Learn more.  

At Pantheon 2023, Principal Project Managers Hov Arabyan and Tyler Forcum discussed Fleet Pro's current offerings and provided a roadmap on where they see it going. Learn more about how the tool supercharges residential and commercial fleet management in this session recap: The Future of Fleet: Driving Success With Automation and Titan Intelligence.

5. Scheduling Pro: Book More Jobs

  • Commercial: Streamlines the scheduling of multiple jobs, ensuring efficient allocation of resources and timely project completion.
  • Residential: Enables contractors to book appointments, manage availability, and ensure on-time service for homeowners, enhancing customer satisfaction.

When booking appointments, convenience is king. Customers expect seamless and efficient ways to schedule appointments, and that's where online scheduling shines! Use our integrated scheduling to boost your chances of landing more jobs and opportunities. It's easy to use, seamlessly integrates with ServiceTitan, and offers the necessary features for your business to succeed. This tool is crafted to align perfectly with your customers' needs and expectations; think of it as a friendly guide helping you connect better with your clients. Learn more.

Already set up with Scheduling Pro? Great! Explore Integrate Scheduling Pro with ServiceTitan's Marketing Pro for best results!

6. Dispatch Pro: Assign the Right Tech

  • Commercial: Centralizes dispatch operations, enabling real-time monitoring of job progress, resource allocation, and emergency response.
  • Residential: Facilitates quick response to service requests, minimizes delays, and enhances customer satisfaction through efficient scheduling.

ServiceTitan's latest innovationDispatch Pro, is like your smart assistant in dispatching. Combining machine learning with top-notch dispatcher tools, it's designed to revolutionize how you send out your technicians. Its primary goal is to transform how you assign tasks to your technicians. 

This tool can enhance profitability, optimize your team's operations, and consistently satisfy your customers with every job. An intriguing feature of Dispatch Pro is its AI-driven capability to pinpoint the perfect tech for each task. Learn more. 

Explore Dispatch Pro The Future of Dispatching is Here webinar recap for more information.  

7. Integrated Financing: Close Bigger Sales

  • Commercial: Offers flexible financing options to clients, facilitating larger projects and ensuring steady cash flow for businesses.
  • Residential: Provides homeowners with accessible financing solutions, making home improvement projects more affordable and driving higher sales for contractors.

To improve sales effectiveness, training technicians on delivering quotes using estimate templates and presenting financing options is beneficial. Incorporating financing directly into your quotes simplifies the process for all parties involved. 

Using its standardized estimate and proposal templates can notably impact efficiency. Regarding financing options, did you see the financing solutions presented at ServiceTitan's Pantheon conference? Offering financing allows for tailored plans for clients at no additional cost – that's remarkable, right? It's evident customers have been showing increasing interest in financing options. If this approach is news to you, there's no need for concern; it's a learning opportunity worth exploring. 

This tool equips contractors with essential resources to expand operations and safeguard profits. It empowers ServiceTitan users to efficiently manage plans from various preferred financing providers for a single project, boosting client approval rates. Moreover, it instills confidence in technicians, enabling them to propose plans that secure more lucrative contracts effortlessly. Learn more.

Explore how Jason Brady's Above and Beyond Service Co. achieved a top 1% ranking on ServiceTitan and grew revenue from $1.54 million to over $7 million in 2 years. Read more.

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