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Harness the Power of Marketing Pro and Scheduling Pro in 2024 and Beyond

Unlock business strategy and success in 2024 with ServiceTitan's Marketing Pro and Scheduling Pro. These two Pro Products are designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of trade businesses and work best when combined to provide a complete solution to target customers, capture demand, and simplify operations. 


Marketing Pro is like having your very own marketing sidekick. This all-in-one solution is designed to make marketing a breeze, focusing on keeping customers happy and bringing in new ones. Scheduling Pro captures customers online 24/7 and books jobs directly to your dispatch board.


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How To Leverage Both

Welcome to a streamlined workflow with Marketing Pro and Scheduling Pro. In the following scenario, we'll explore the distinctive features of these tools, offering a glimpse into the transformative journey of a company that harnesses the Full Suite to attain unparalleled success.


Scenario: Imagine ABC Plumbing, a local plumbing company motivated to enhance efficiency and attract a more extensive customer base, embracing the synergistic combination of Marketing Pro and Scheduling Pro.


Marketing Pro: Attracting and Retaining Customers

Recognizing the need to expand its customer base, ABC Plumbing integrates Marketing Pro into its strategy. Marketing Pro opens up a new world of possibilities that supercharges the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Delivering rich marketing campaigns that leverage real-time data gives customers a simple way to take advantage of their offers instantly. This comprehensive tool encompasses email marketing, reputation management, direct mail acquisition, and ads.

Marketing Pro Features

  • Email Only
  • Email and Reputation
  • Email with Ads
  • Full Suite (Includes all features of Marketing Pro)

With its flexibility and excellent features, Marketing Pro is the go-to tool for trades professionals who want to kick their marketing up a notch!


Scheduling Pro: Optimizing Operations

ABC Plumbing also implements Scheduling Pro, the cornerstone of customer acquisition and efficient operations. This tool gives the company a comprehensive scheduling system and a dashboard that streamlines appointment bookings. Whether it be their website, branded content, or a simple email link, the Scheduler makes it easy for their customers to book the service they need how they want, when they want, without needing to speak to anyone on the phone. This allows ABC Plumbing to capture more jobs while freeing up their Customer Service Team to help customers who prefer to call in more promptly.


Using Marketing Pro + Scheduling Pro Together

   Email Marketing + Direct to Scheduler Links:

  • ABC Plumbing taps into Marketing Pro’s built-in ad campaigns to tell more people about their water heater service, especially during the colder months. It includes convenient Scheduling Pro direct to scheduler links in their emails that turn action into bookings. By utilizing targeted email campaigns, they can stay connected with customers, offer promotions, updates, valuable information, and the ability to instantly schedule an appointment. Explore Integrate Scheduling Pro with ServiceTitan's Marketing Pro to learn more.

   Reputation Management + Reserve with Google:

  • ABC Plumbing establishes a consistent online presence by creating a  listing on ServiceTitan, linked with their Google My Business profile. Marketing Pro directs customers to share their reviews on Google, building credibility and trust. This strategy ensures a reliable and consistent source of truth that customers care about on the internet. In addition to reviews, Scheduling Pro’s Reserve with Google integration allows contractors to display a "Book Online" button on their Google Business Profile. This helps the contractor reach the millions of users seeking to book jobs on Google Search and Maps. In addition, Scheduling Pro allows them to customize their online job booking experience. Now, that was easy.

   Direct Mail Acquisition (DMA) + QR Codes:

  • ABC Plumbing makes its marketing a breeze with DMA and Marketing Pro’s Audience Builder in Direct Mail. They use targeted filters to connect with specific groups of customers in their direct mail campaigns. Scheduling Pro QR Codes seamlessly find a home on their 4x6 postcards, reaching current and potential clients. This super-focused strategy makes data work for them. We pitch in to set up the audience, and they quickly pick from our templates or choose to upload their artwork. The result? QR Codes don’t just sit there –  they turn interest into bookings. Adding QR Codes to professionally designed postcards makes scheduling smooth and transforms engagement into actual bookings! It’s that easy, and the pay-per-use model is successful and cost-effective!

   Ads & Analysis:

  • ABC Plumbing leverages Marketing Pro’s Ad Measurement to scrutinize Google ads, tracing the entire customer journey from initial interaction to website visit and call creation. ServiceTitan accurately determines if the lead was successfully booked or converted into a job, specifying whether it involved maintenance vs installation. This analysis focuses on job acquisition and return on investment (ROI), enabling a comprehensive understanding of ad performance. This tool tracks ad spending, revealing the correlation between expenses (X) and revenue generated (Y), and goes beyond mere clicks and calls, facilitating informed data-driven decisions. Additionally, Ad Optimization and capacity planning alerts keep ABC Plumbing informed about booking capacities, ensuring heightened awareness and effective resource utilization.


The Full Suite in Action

ABC Plumbing embraces the Full Suite of Marketing Pro, integrating Email, Email and Reputation, and Email with Ads. This comprehensive approach maximizes their impact in the following ways:

  • Enhanced Communication: Email campaigns keep customers informed and engaged.
  • Credibility Boost: Reputation management establishes trust and credibility.
  • Targeted Marketing: Direct mail acquisition targets specific demographics, expanding the customer base. 
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Ads and analysis provide actionable insights for optimizing marketing strategies.



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In conclusion, the strategic integration of Scheduling Pro and Marketing Pro, particularly the Full Suite, transforms ABC Plumbing's operations. From efficient scheduling to targeted marketing, ABC Plumbing experiences a holistic approach that enhances customer satisfaction and business growth. This scenario exemplifies the prowess of ServiceTitan's Pro Products in empowering businesses within the trades industry.


ABC Plumbing’s listing on Google My Business Profile:

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Marketing Pro Resources:

The Marketing Pro Resource Guide is a collection of articles, best practice guides, and videos to help ServiceTitan customers get the most out of Marketing Pro. Sign up for a Marketing Pro Training Workshop by registering here


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