Fast, convenient, real-time online scheduling sets you apart from your competitors. DON'T LET IT GET LOST IN THE SHUFFLE!

The performance of your Scheduling Pro booking solution is dependent on how effectively you roll this out to your customer base, and how well you educate your market on online scheduling. Your new investment in can only pay off if you put in the work to market this new feature, and make sure your customers are finding and engaging with the online scheduler. 

We’ve collected easy copy-and-paste strategies from our most successful users to make this easy on you! This will require little to no investment and very little time. It is critical that these are completed as we launch your Scheduling Pro services to ensure great performance and ROI. The “Must-Do Checklist” items are the minimum requirements. In order to maximize your booking performance, we recommend the items on the “Top-Performer Checklist” as well.



  • Create an email announcement template to introduce online scheduling to your customers using direct to scheduler "deep" links
  • Review our templates and finalize your phone messages (hold message and voicemail greeting)
  • Train your CSRs on how to introduce online scheduling as an additional convenience to your customers
  • Prepare your staff email signatures with online scheduling link
  • Incorporate online booking into your standard marketing using direct to scheduler "deep" links
  • Create drafts for social media campaigns around the ability to schedule online:

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 1.15.49 PM.png


  • Design a direct mail announcement and consider using a direct to scheduler QR code
  • Add direct to scheduler links in your marketing email campaigns in ServiceTitan's Marketing Pro or whatever email software you use
  • Promote online scheduling in any local digital publications you advertise with



  • Announce upcoming online scheduling on your social media pages using prepared templates
  • Send out your announcement email to your customers
  • Add a "Book Now" button to your Facebook page and link it directly to your scheduling widget
  • Add a "Book Now" button to your Google profile by integrating Scheduling Pro with Reserve with Google
  • Make sure online scheduling is prominently featured on your website, with clear language like "Book Now" or "Schedule Online"
  • Add your scheduling widget link to all email signatures with text: "Book service now!"


  • Mention online scheduling in your Google display ads and search result snippets
  • Use UTMs to track the return on investment on your advertisements
  • Create online video or TV ads specific to online scheduling. Here's a great example from a fellow Scheduling Pro user!
  • Add a line to your CSR script to let customers know they can also schedule online


  • Utilize Scheduling Pro's analytics and reporting tools: Take advantage of the analytics features to track key performance metrics, such as booking rates, revenue, and customer satisfaction.
  • Identify trends and patterns: Analyze the data to identify trends, peak demand periods, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Make data-driven decisions: Use the insights gained from analytics to refine your scheduling strategy, allocate resources effectively, and optimize your business operations.
  • Act on feedback: Address any issues or suggestions clients raise to enhance their satisfaction and optimize your services.

Ultimately, success with Scheduling Pro requires some initial legwork with marketing the software and new capabilities to your customer base. They cannot use the new tool if they don't know about it. Customers will be excited to learn about your new technology via social, email, and more. Follow this checklist to make sure you're starting off on the right foot with your Scheduling Pro online scheduling capabilities. 


Have questions for other Scheduling Pro users and how they've achieved success? Reply below!

Scheduling Pro is part of ServiceTitan’s suite of Pro Products that can enhance your technology and capabilities. Focused on booking software that helps contractors exceed customer expectations, Scheduling Pro’s technology meets the end consumer wherever they want to engage the contractor - online, live chat, or by phone. Our software ensures seamless engagement. Our dedicated Customer Support team is just a message away for any setup questions or assistance you may need. Get ready to supercharge your scheduling game! 

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