New Marketing Pro Dashboard


I am happy to see that we can now filter by open campaigns in marketing pro.  However the open % and click % are no longer there.  Only on the old version.  🤔.  Being able to sort the view by live vs draft or completed campaigns is very helpful, but not be able to see open and click rates by percentage, negates that.     Maybe someone forgot to include those important KPI's?   I didn't see any place to edit the contents of that view.  Is it there but I don't see it?




New Contributor III

Hi @jamied! Which analytics tab in Marketing Pro are you referring to? If you are looking at the Marketing Overview, this is used to group together everything marketing related within ServiceTitan, including campaigns outside of Marketing Pro. If you click into the Email Tab (specific to Marketing Pro) you will be able to see your email metric totals and can scroll down to your All Campaigns table to see each individual campaign. From this table, you should see the number of emails opened, clicked, etc. If you were looking to see the open rate as a percentage, you would have to click into that specific campaign from the all campaigns table and then scroll down until you can see each email in the sequence. I hope this helps!