Resolved! Time Based Pricing

Hello,I was looking through the settings and it occurred to me: There is nowhere to set time-based pricing in ServiceTitan. Why shouldn't we be able to say that after 5:00pm our price increases a certain percentage etc. Or even just being able to dup...

Austin by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Customer on hold time

I am gathering data for my CSR's and one piece of information I'm needing is the average on hold time. We use phones pro and dialpad. Thanks in advanced!

jmoutray by New Contributor II
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How To Export Phones Pro Reports?

I am trying to figure out how to export the data from the Phones Pro/Dial Pad reports. Does anyone have a secret to getting the data to Excel? I'm trying to get data regarding missed calls (calls that agents let go to our back up number when they cou...

MH by New Contributor II
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Marketing Pro Overview Dashboard

Does anyone know why my overview dashboard on Marketing Pro would not be displaying the correct Expense to Income Ratio? No matter what time period I set to display, it only shows 1%. I know this is incorrect because if I do the math based on the mar...

gavurb by New Contributor II
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Phones Pro

Hello Everyone!We have a team of 5 CSR's and as we grow, we are looking for additional quality control for our team. We are looking into ST Phones Pro, but have seen mixed reviews. Our team is currently struggling with long hold times/not getting the...

Erpkmilliken by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Phones Pro and Desktop Phones

Is there a way to set all our desktop phones to ring out our default business number, I tried going into the dialpad app and there wasn't an option for our default # and then I went to the web version and selected "Your Devices" from the profile and ...

kaltec by New Contributor
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