Online Payment Link not appearing on email

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Hey everyone just need help with a simple question and I'm not sure if there is a way to fix it on our side. Our invoices that are being emailed over are not showing the 'Online Payment Link' we have set up in the invoice email settings. It shows all of the other information but the blue hyperlink will not appear in the email. I've done some troubleshooting the best I can (Checked the preview and everything). It has worked in the past so I'm not sure what is going on. Any suggestions?




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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @iwarren39

Generally, you need to check the following information if the online payment link is missing. 

  • Make sure your company has the “Customer Portal” configuration ON (you can contact the support team to check if you are not sure whether it is enabled for your company) 
  • Make sure the merge tag is spelled correctly in Settings > Email > Invoice - it should be singular {OnlinePaymentLink}, make sure there are no typos (like a rogue ‘s’)! 
  • Confirm that your company only has 1 active ST Credit Card Payments and 1 ST ACH Payments account in Settings > Integrations > Payment Processing (i.e. if you have both WorldPay AND ST Credit Card Payments processing enabled, the link won’t work and you would have to edit your account settings with the Payment Support team; 
  • Make sure the job’s business unit is checked and enabled in Settings > Invoicing > Online Payments 
  • Make sure the invoice balance is greater than $0. The online payment link won’t show for $0 balances. 
  • Check the Customer Type (i.e. residential or commercial) for the Bill-To on the invoice. If you are a Commercial customer, then make sure that the Commercial customer type is enabled in Settings > Invoicing > Online Payments > Please select customer type at the bottom. If both Residential & Commercial customers need to have the Online Payments link, then select Residential and Commercial in that dropdown and save changes.

Please review the checklist to find the root cause of your issue. Hope this is helpful🙂