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With our company,  when a technician is on call for the week they are guaranteed 4 hours of pay. How do you put this on the technician so that it will show up automatically on their timesheet summary at the end of the week. I have not found any information on this. Any help would be appreciated.



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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @Wildcats2022 -- If you're looking to put a specific $ amount so it's reflected on job costing, you can simply add a "payroll adjustment" which will populate on payroll reporting : )

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Is this 4 hours in addition to any hours they may work during their on-call week? If it is, you could always do a paid non-job event that is recurring. When you click anywhere on the dispatch board and click "Edit Event" in the popup you can add more detail to the non-job event you are creating. Here you can name the event, assign dates and times, set up a repeat schedule, assign the timesheet code, provide a description, and add additional members to the event. As long as these are paid events this will also show up in the technician timesheet reports. We do something similar to this for our techs. We aren't open for regular business on Sundays so each Sunday for 3 hours we have an event for whoever the on-call techs are for the week. The downside is the only repeat options are daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Our guys are only on call for one week every other month, so right now we just manually change who is assigned to the event each week, which only takes a couple of minutes to do.