Accepting Checks for Payroll Purposes

When using our old software I was able to go in to the payroll section weekly and see what cash/checks a tech had collected throughout the week. I was then able to "accept" the check or cash meaning the technician had turned it in to the office and w...

Resolved! Phantom Temp C/O on timesheets

I am working to update my technician timesheets and I keep getting this error about a temp c/o overlapping with my technicians times. However, these temp c/os do not exist on their timesheets. Are there any other ways I can view a tech timesheet to r...

mleahy by New Contributor III
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Modifying timesheet print out

We are just starting to use ST timesheets for hourly employees. I find the printed weekly timesheets has more information on them than we need at this point. Is there a way to modify the timesheet?

lnorse5588 by New Contributor III
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Unable to add timesheet entry

When I go to edit employee timesheets some dates appear with the add entry option greyed out (despite having the tech scheduled and completing jobs on these days) and sometimes the days do not appear at all. Any help explaining why this is and how I ...

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mleahy by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Helper Splits

Why is it Helpers cannot have splits assigned to them? Has anyone else had issues with this? We use splits to assign a percentage of the job's production to each person executing the work. I noticed they allow it on zero dollar invoices but not on an...

BDJ by New Contributor III
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Clock in/ out lock outs

Food for thought:We've had issues with some of our techs abusing the "free" clock in time, eating the clock in the mornings and not doing work tasks until 8 am, yet clocking in at 7:30. We were looking into having the clock in feature "locked" until ...

skelly24 by New Contributor II
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