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Good Afternoon! I hope you are all enjoying your Friday. I recently returned to the best plumbing company in Oklahoma. I've been tasked on learning all things ServiceTitan.....which is a huge task! I'm starting with Pricebook as it is our company's greatest need right now. Any tips and tricks for Pricebook will be appreciated. I look forward to interacting with this community. 


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I agree with Steveng - doing the Certified Admin course helped me understand how different areas of the software all work together. 

I also recommend getting comfortable using the pricebook import/export tool. If you know the basics with MS Excel, this is a HUGE time saver! When we set up our pricebook, we already had a lot of basic information in Excel format from previous softwares and vendors. (Check with your vendors too - some of them can provide an excel report of your most common or recent purchases). Once I had set up categories in ST I was able to copy and paste!

Good luck!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator


Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I would recommend signing up for the Service Titan Certified Administrator course and complete the pricebook modules.  I would also recommend you reach out to your CSM and see if there are any pricebook trainings.  In addition to those things you could enroll in sparks sessions, this week I think we are covering pricebook items.  I've learned so much from these sources but it's important to learn all the areas your pricebook setup will interact with, like accounting GL's, payroll, inventory and memberships.  When building out the pricebook I recommend identifying the blocks of info needed to a comprehensive approach.  It's a pain going back and updating the pricebook to accommodate one of the areas effected above.  Good luck, this is our never ending project for us, haha.