Vehicle Accidents within a specific department

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Hi all!  So excited to be here!  Hope someone can help me out with this question.   We put a bonus structure in place for a department supervisor.  It specified recalls and damages count against his bonus.  There was a specific tech on his team that had a major at-fault vehicle accident.  The supervisor is pushing back that any damages in transit should not count against his bonus.  Only damages on the job.  Does anyone have something written up regarding fleet damages for departments counting against that department or a bonus?  


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

So if you have it written so that recalls and damage count against the bonus, it would definitely be up for interpretation.  If it were me I would exclude the vehicle accident from excluding him from the bonus.  It doesn't seem like it would be worth the fight.  My bigger issue would be with the drive and the ramifications for his actions.  We don't pay a bonus like that but we do have a cash bonus we give to our team leaders to give to their teams for jobs well done, uniforms, clean trucks, etc.  We have talked about making someone ineligible for violations but I believe more in positive reinforcements.