Check Audit - Enhancing Payment Audit Process

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I would like to bring forth an opportunity for improvement or kindly request input if a solution already exists.

Currently, we have successfully implemented automated features for almost all payment functions within Service Titan. However, our accounting department is encountering challenges when it comes to auditing checks received versus those that have been batched automatically via technician payment entry.

Here's a common scenario we encounter: When a technician collects payment via check, they may hold onto the check temporarily due to their mobile status. They continue to fulfill their daily tasks, and it's possible that they may not return to the office for up to a week. Meanwhile, our technicians receive numerous checks, all of which are recorded and automatically batched.

In light of this situation, we are actively seeking a way to perform an audit or indicate that a check has been received by the office. Currently, our workaround involves utilizing a specific report (Deposit Detail Report) and manually marking the checks as received on a printed copy.

We genuinely appreciate any recommendations or suggestions that you might have regarding this matter. If there are existing functionalities or features that could address this challenge, we would be grateful to learn about them. Additionally, if you have any ideas for improving this particular function, we eagerly welcome your input.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contributions to this discussion.


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We handle this by not using autobatch for checks. Checks are batched when I have them in hand.

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This is how we did it, but we wanted more timely financial reporting. In order to accommodate that, we went with auto batching. We can utilize the report I mentioned to manually audit, but it would be nice for a feature to mark a payment like a Check as received by the office.