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  Wow, Pantheon 2023, “Journey to the Top” in Orlando: September 11th-13th is almost here. I wanted to share with you some valuable pro tips that can hopefully help you maximize your ROI for this event. A little pretext here…

Personally I have attended 3 previous Pantheon’s as a contractor and 1 as a ServiceTitan Employee. For context I have been attending trade shows like Nexstar, EGIA, Service Nation Alliance and many others in our Industry for more than 20 years. I think most of our trade shows provide value in many areas. I personally loved Pantheon on another level because all of the attendees have the same exact thing in common, we all are using ServiceTitan!!! #outstanding

Here are a few Pro Tips for attending Pantheon 2023, I have broken this into a three part series and scheduled as follows:

  • Before you go to Pantheon: 8/28/23
  • While you are at Pantheon: 9/4/23
  • Post Pantheon: 9/14/23

Please feel free to add your own tips in the comment section. 

Lets get started with Part 1: Pre Pantheon

  • Review the Pantheon Agenda in a team meeting prior to travel. Decide as a team what Sessions will best drive value for your business. Then plan on who will attend each of these sessions. In particular, I recommend preparing questions, current workflow scenarios and target goals specifically for this session. That may require that person to meet with someone else from your company who is not attending to find out what they might want to know or ask if they were attending.  
  • When assigning employees to attend sessions, it's a great idea to split them up and make sure everyone is attending different sessions.
  • Debrief as soon as you can:  I highly recommend planning time during lunch and at the end of each day, prior to drinks and dinner, plan to meet up and debrief each other on the knowledge obtained. Put this on your calendars as this is an easy step to miss.


  • Download the Pantheon App Make sure to update your profile, and see who is attending, speaking, sponsors and more. It's not a bad idea to maybe reach out to a few key individuals and put some time on the calendars while at the event. Be sure to check out the social media side of Pantheon as well. 

*App Instructions:

  1. Scan the QR code to download the “Cvent Events” app
  2. In the app, search for Pantheon 2023.
  3. Log in using the email address you used to register



  • Do you have any of your employees attending Pantheon? Then it's a good idea to set up a pre-travel meeting. I recommend covering some topics like these:


  • Travel Plans

      • Travel (airfare, vehicles, accommodations, Uber/Lyft/shuttle)
        • Allow time for travel, get there the day before the event if possible and leave well after the event. Nothing worse than arriving late and not knowing what is going on or having to leave early and miss a keynote speaker. 


  • Set Expectations

  • Expenses/ Expenditures
  • Behavioral Side/Represent your company in the best manner
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Attire
  • Goals 
    • Individual
    • Company
  • Confirm all Emergency Contacts
  • Discuss Muster plans for the event (How to proceed in cases of emergencies
  • Networking opportunities & expectations
  • Any additional Objectives and Requirements

Being prepared prior to Pantheon will go a long way in helping you maximize your overall results and put your business on the “Journey to the Top”. Now that you and your team are well prepared for Pantheon 2023, remember to have fun and enjoy this wonderful event. In Part 2 we will discuss more tips, this time while you are at Pantheon 2023.


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