Automated Processes

Working on process improvement within the company.I'm looking to take the status of a job from start to finish in ST on a digital tracking board in the office.So far, I'm seeing programs like Trello or that will work to show the progress i...

spetrie by Contributor II
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Connecting service titan to callrail via zapier

Has anyone connected service titan to callrail via zapier? I can't even get past the service titan "secret code" key part to get zapier connected. What are the steps? Connect zapier to to service titan then connect zapier to callrail?Also, I want cal...

JudyOrr by New Contributor
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Did you know ... ? Easily share your Zaps!

Hi all! When we were getting this new board ready to share with you, I discovered that Zapier recently made it even easier for you to share Zaps with others. Check out the article here. Did you know this already (or am I behind the times)? How many o...

by Community Manager
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