Zapier Automation - Create Project

With our previous CRM/FSM software we took the estimate information and transferred the information in the estimate into a customer contract. When we came to ServiceTitan we were unable to do it that way. I was informed about Zapier but didn't have t...

Seeking Input on Activating Zapier Integration

Is it advisable to activate the Zapier integration? Our existing CRM system offers Zapier integration, but we've experienced occasional API errors that result in missed data. Before delving too deeply into these integrations using Titan, I'd like to ...

Automated Processes

Working on process improvement within the company.I'm looking to take the status of a job from start to finish in ST on a digital tracking board in the office.So far, I'm seeing programs like Trello or that will work to show the progress i...

spetrie by Contributor II
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Connecting service titan to callrail via zapier

Has anyone connected service titan to callrail via zapier? I can't even get past the service titan "secret code" key part to get zapier connected. What are the steps? Connect zapier to to service titan then connect zapier to callrail?Also, I want cal...

JudyOrr by New Contributor
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Did you know ... ? Easily share your Zaps!

Hi all! When we were getting this new board ready to share with you, I discovered that Zapier recently made it even easier for you to share Zaps with others. Check out the article here. Did you know this already (or am I behind the times)? How many o...

by Former Titan
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