Auto-batching & $0

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

How does ST manage auto-batching 0$ invoices? Will I just get an error message? Will they be put into their own batch?


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We have Auto Batching turned on as daily.  It does not separate the $0 invoices from regular invoices with dollar amounts on them.  It does make it very hard when you are manually printing or sending via email.  The only option that is available is to go through and mass send the batch, but then go through all invoices and remove the $0 invoice.  As a consumer myself, I don't want a canceled job $0 invoice.  Unfortunately there are no other options for mass sends.  We have actually turned on Auto-Invoicing to eliminate manual process of sending them, but I had to create an Idea on the board, because that setting doesn't take into consideration the actual flags on the customers account.  COMMUNITY-I-3554 if you want to vote on fixing the feature.