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Hi all!Any suggestions for building a subcategory (or category) for square footage? Thinking of flooring and how best to do that.
Hi all-As far as I can see, the e-signed estimate is automatically attached in ServiceTitan by the system. Does anybody know where the original document is housed?
Hi all-We work in multiple zones & are hoping to build/pull a report where we can have all leads for follow up with customer phone & email, by zone (or multiple zips). We've spent a significant amount of time trying to figure this out, but haven't fo...
Hi all-I am seeing the Tags heading on a lead accessed from 'leads' in the follow up module. Additionally, seeing the "tags" column in the working screen from 'leads' in the follow up module. BUT where in the process are we able to add the tag?
Is anyone here using service days when building out zones? If yes, does Schedule Assistant take these into account?