Resolved! QuickBooks Connector

Can ServiceTitan integrate with multiple QuickBooks accounts? The company I work for is purchasing another business. We want to have two separate QuickBooks accounts to keep the financials separated, but use our one ServiceTitan account for both comp...

rmarchman by New Contributor III
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New Auto Invoicing Feature Challenges

We're having some challenges with this new process and wanted to see if anyone else has figured out work arounds.1. When a tech needs to add notes or work on estimating a repair, our Dispatcher adds another appointment to the already completed job. W...

kendra_p by New Contributor
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deleting history on invoice

Looking if anyone knows how to delete some history or audit trail on a invoice. Our Tech applied a payment to incorrect customer . I unapplied the payment but the history says I deleted a cash payment. I would like to delete this to make it correct.

jeadmin by New Contributor
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Resolved! PO workflow

I am confused about the Bill that are created with PO. After I create a P.O. I receive it, I then create a receipt , then finally a bill. Then this is where I get stuck. What do I do with the bills, I have over 800 and I can’t do anything with them,

kaltec by New Contributor
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Idea: View check numbers from customer page.

Problem: When we add a check number to a specific invoice, ST will let you add the check number but the only way to view the information is to click on the invoice itself. Suggested Solution: Allow the check number to be displayed next to the invoice...

AR Management Sort By "Last Emailed"**Need Votes**

Please click the link to vote! COMMUNITY-I-2145 When I'm sending monthly statements, I email all that have an email address. After that process the only other option is to filter by "not sent" BUT if the customer got a statement last month (print and...

RandiThompson by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Headers on Accounting tab to match other modules in ST

Please vote for this idea if you like it and get your friends to upvote it as well!!!COMMUNITY-I-2125We run a large number of transactions, and while I have seen the accounting reimagined webinar, it would still be nice to add the heads to the legacy...

AdamCronenberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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More options on the AR Management Tool

Please vote for this idea if you like it and get your friends to upvote it as well!!!COMMUNITY-I-2121We do a lot of volume and it is very time consuming to go through each and every customer that has open AR. The ability to send statements to all ope...

AdamCronenberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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POS Invoices

Posting here per support's recommendation. I was looking for a way to send an attachment with the the counter sale POS invoices. Our customers sign a hard copy of the invoice and we like to attach those to the email invoice copy we send out. This is ...

NBeebe18 by New Contributor II
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