Batch Export Error

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In ST, I have a batch that reads "partially exported"; however, it looks like it has fully exported to QB. ST is telling me to "see error report for details", but when I click on this, it tells me "action cancelled, unauthorized access". I've tried un-posting, re-posting, and re-exporting several times. Can someone advise me how to proceed to resolve this?


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No, I am not set up with the permission to view this report.  However, I was able to work with a ST rep to try to figure things out.  The error was being generated due to a refund.  It is very confusing with the new updates and requires more steps on our (client) part to figure out how to enter refunds to our customers since ST does not allow "negative" numbers in the collect and apply payment field.

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Hi there,

Are you able to double check you have all the necessary permissions for viewing the report?

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