Accounts Receivable Aging Report - ST reconciliation to QB

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When running the AR Transaction and AR Transaction by Customer Report, how are the aging buckets being calculated?  Are the aging buckets based on invoice date or invoice due date?  Additionally, I am noticing instances where the total column in the report does not equal the summation of each of the aging buckets.  Is there a reason this report does not calculate the totals accurately when running it?  I typically export into Excel and fix the error, but curious why the total does not always equal the summation of the aging buckets within the report?  Finally, is the AR Transaction Report updated each time payments are made impacting the outstanding balances on a historical date?  For instance, if I ran the report at the end of July 2023 on outstanding balances for customer accounts as of 7/31/2023, would those balances change if I ran the report as of the same date (7/31/2023) at the end of December 2023?  Or would those balances change due to payments being applied?


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

So here is the thing. You have completion date and invoice date, sometimes the invoice and completion dates are different, so when you are running your report to need to decided how you are running it, by completion or invoice date. When you export an invoice with a different invoice date vs completion. It exports to QB as invoice date, so like in the picture below, if my QB period for July is closed, and I export the invoice, it will affect my July numbers in QB but in ST the revenue will show up on Sept. I always make sure both completion date and invoice date are the same before exporting


Now if you have different payment terms, they will be based on invoice date, not completion. 



Balances will be updated based on when payments are received. If you run the report today as of 7/31/2023 and a month from today you run it again but in that month i have received payment. Your balance should still be the same as the payment was entered after the as of date. It always better to run the report as of today to get accurate balances