Issue with exporting payments/inv to QBO with multiple BU


Has anyone recently had issues with exporting multiple BU to QBO within the same batch?

For the longest time, this had been working perfectly for me. Recently I started getting errors such as "unable to export business unit." The error is not even showing on the pending export report.

I spent an hour on the phone with support and ultimately he said "This is a one-time issue and should not happen again" and never gave me a reason for it happening. Well, it's continuing to happen. My CSM has reported it to the support desk, but it is hindering my workflow as we export to QBO very often. 

Has anyone else experienced this issue? My CSM and I spent time checking and making sure all BU and GL account lines up between ST and QBO, and everything looks perfect. 


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I am experiencing the same issue. What is the fix?  Is it something on my end or up to ServiceTitan?

Through a lot of discussion, I realized it was tax zones. 

We don't charge tax, so we did not have any tax zones set up. We wanted to use the POS system which requires you to have a tax zone. I created a zero-dollar tax zone.

This ended up messing up all of my exporting because I did not have that tax zone set up in QBO.  

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Hi @Martinlogan9 - I am sorry to hear that you are still having this issue. I've connected with our team internally and asked them to connect with you here or via email, in the next 24 hours.

Thank you