Billing a warranty reserver fund

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We are funding our own in-house warranty reserve fund to help offset warranty costs not covered by our manufacturer. Any suggestions on how to bill ourselves through ServiceTitan to cover our labour expenses?

I need the repairs to show on the customer file for history, but not the labour expenses. 

Ideally, I'd like a set-up similar to memberships where the liability accounts are automatically billed when we export to QBO. 

I don't want to create a separate invoice every time I need to bill a warranty call. 



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Hi @kristent - Welcome to Community and congratulations on your first post! 🎉

Apologies for the delayed response - I was connecting with some internal experts to get a solid answer to your question. I believe this Warranty Workflows document will get you part of the way there, so please take a look. But I'm wondering, is the main issue that the warranty company doesn't fully cover the cost of labor?

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This is great, thank you! I believe this will answer all my questions.

Correct, our 3rd party warranty company does not fully cover labour. It currently goes against the service department vertical in QBO as a direct expense. But I want to be able to recoup our in-house warranty fund for those expenses. 

Thanks for letting us know @kristent! I'll also pass the extra details you provided to our internal team to update the documentation. If you find that you need some additional information to support your warranty workflow, just reply to this post and we'll have someone reach out to you. 

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Thank you! This is most helpful, I appreciate your rapid response!