Changing Bill To Customer After Exporting

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Does any one else have issues with customers wanting bill to information changed after an invoice has already been exported. We run into this fairly often where the party that pays for the bill then forwards it to someone else and they want the bill in their name or if we have a property management customer that wants bill to information changed. We used to be able to change it, now that field is no longer available making this customer request very difficult to meet our customers request.


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We run inot the need to change the Bill-To address frequently. Although we verify the customer at a start to a job, once we dive into the job and discover where the (plumbing) problem originated, the management then wants to assign the invoice to another party that has now been found responsible.

Also, for best organization and revenue analysis, we keep customer locations under the property management company, however, the PM Company does not want to be listed in the Bill-To, they want the owner, owner's association or corporation to be listed for legal purposes.

The Bill-To Name is currently pulled directly from the Customer Name, with no way to specify something different for each customer location. 

This would be a very useful feature for ST to develop. 

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Your success manager or the success manager team can change this for you upon request. You just need to be sure to manually change this in QuickBooks also as it will not export the change. 


It doesn't happen often, because we clarify when taking the call who will be paying. If its not the person requesting the service, the person paying needs to call in. 

When it does, we apologize, and tell them the records can not be changed as it would create a mess in our software for one invoice.