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We've been using this workflow from the Knowledge Base in order to process our financing fees without having them appear to customers:

Unfortunately, this morning, we realized that our fees were still appearing on the PDF invoice that gets emailed to the customer because of a back-end feature that wasn't turned on for us. !!!! Hoping this post can help someone else and that the instructions can be updated/fixed, because it is so, so frustrating that we had to find out the hard way. 

Basically, the instructions linked above have you create an adjustment invoice and then change the "bill to" in the adjustment invoice to the bank doing the financing. This is supposed to "[make] the whole adjustment invoice hidden from the original customer." 

What the instructions DON'T say is that changing the "bill to" will ONLY make the adjustment invoice hidden IF that feature is turned on in your account! When we were looking at the customer's invoice, everything looked fine on our end - the only payments that showed up were the ones that were tied to the original invoice and supposed to be customer-facing. What we realized today, however, was that when you clicked "print" (or when you emailed the invoice to the customer), the PDF copy showed ALL payments, including the payments made on the adjustment invoice... i.e. the actual financing fee!! 

After a very long time on the phone with Support, finally they realized that there's a back-end feature that we didn't have turned on that hides payments on the adjustment invoice from appearing on the PDF copy of the original invoice.

Nowhere in the instructions does it note that this could vary from account to account.

This is obviously a really big omission/error, because it's part of our financing terms that you can't disclose the fees to the customer. Hopefully this gets fixed ASAP. 


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Thank you so much for this! Sending to our account rep now 🙂 


Thank you for calling this out! I have submitted a request to get the article updated. I am so sorry you had to go to all this trouble. There are actually 3 configs that need to be on and I confirmed they are all on for your account.