How to create an Invoice on a job not scheduled

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We had an irrigation technician complete 2 turn-on services this weekend that were not on his schedule.  They are currently opportunities.  How do we get these pushed through for invoicing?


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James_Printz, if you turn on the Point of Sale Module, you can do manual invoices through that, and connect it to the actual service location.  That is an option, but really ServiceTitan is meant for you to book the job (turn off notifications), assign the technician, solidify the invoice, and Dispatch/Complete the job.  That full process helps you see all the jobs by job type completed, where a manual invoice is just an invoice.  No audit trail, or anything.

One more option is that you can allow your Technicians to book jobs on their own, that way the whole process is followed and they get credit and the invoice date is correct to the actual.  The tech would have to build the invoice with the appropriate service.  This is a configuration you would have to have your CSR turn on for your account.