Resolved! Past-Due Customers

Looking for ways that other users handle customers with past-due balances. There isn't a way to put customers or locations on "credit hold", which would prevent scheduling jobs until the "hold" was removed by an A/R collector. Is a "Credit Hold" tag ...

chunter1 by New Contributor II
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Need to Create a Manual Credit Memo to be applied later

Has anyone figured out a good way to create an available credit on an account other than applying an overpayment? I have a customer who has no balance and i need to put a credit on her account to be applied to a later service. I have tried doing a ne...

plumbing3 by New Contributor
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Point of Sale Rate Sheets

How do I change the rate sheet for a Point of Sale Invoice? I can change the rate sheet on any other invoice, but not a Point of Sale Invoice.

neiamech by New Contributor
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Resolved! splitting exported invoice into two invoices

We have been asked by a few good customers to split an invoice into two separate invoices AFTER they have received it in the mail (this is not unusual for these customers). We always get clarification when the job is booked as to who is responsible f...

Jodi by New Contributor II
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