How to refund an invoice(deposit made for job) so it doesn't count as revenue

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Have you already billed the for the deposit? We do. We do it like a "Progressive" invoice.

Original Contract: $1,000.00

Less Down Payment: -$500.00

Contract Balance: $500.00

Then we export the Invoice. If we have to refund their deposit because they canceled, we would have to do a CREDIT ADJUSTMENT against that invoice. Then do the refund check/credit card steps.

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So the payment that needs to be refunded. The deposit on the invoice was exported and shows up as a negative balance,because the job had not been started. The job was then cancelled and I need to refund the deposit back by issuing a check. In order to take this out of income revenue, you are saying to add negative payment,but the balance is already a negative? Not for sure what to do? Thank you

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Hello! To refund an invoice, you want to have the invoice pulled up and click the refund icon. This then sends it back to the customer (if they paid with a card). If they paid by check or cash, then you can always mail them a check.

Once you have done so, you can add a negative payment for the set amount and press save. This will then record onto the job and leave the revenue at $0.00 on the invoice.

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