Batching Checks

After the lastest update the only way to batch a check that has been entered is to go to the accounting screen. Before the latest update you could batch a check that has been entered by going to the invoice. You were able to just batch the check with...

cynthiao by New Contributor II
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Late Fee Notification Emails and Adding Late Fees

I would be nice if ST had a setting for sending a reminder to a customer regarding their invoice due date and adding penalties or fees for them being late automatically. Would anyone else find this feature handy?

donqueli by New Contributor
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Resolved! Mass send invoices

Is there a way to mass send invoices? We have about 30 jobs per day and need to send out all invoices at once. This one at a time is not efficient for us.

RandiCline by New Contributor II
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I keep getting error 3180 when trying to export bills to QB. How do I fix this so all my bills will export to QB?

New Payment Module- Need to Revamp

The new payment module - the way it is constructed has added extra steps to my work flowin the past - a credit could be issued on an invoice and then a negative payment to offset the credit ( all done prior to exporting)NOW - I issue the credit - hav...

nw_basne by New Contributor
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Exporting Different Forms of Payment Methods for Bills

We need to have different options for exporting payments from Bills to Quickbooks. Currently the payment options we have are:Paid through Service TitanPaid through Accounting SoftwarePrint CheckNon Check Payment(if don't click box for Print Check)We ...

DPereida by New Contributor
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Location AR on Call Screen Idea - COMMUNITY-I-755 would be helpful to be able to see the AR balance (credits/amt due) per service location instead of the customer on the call screen/location screen. It’s hard to deter...

pblwayne by New Contributor III
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Sales Tax Breakdown on Invoice

We have had customer requests to show the tax breakdown on invoices with a combined sales tax. Right now it is only showing a lump sum for the 2 different taxes? Thanks

m_wood by New Contributor
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