Do Not Service feature

We had created a tag for "Do Not Service" prior to the button the customer account being available. I have gone through and verified all accounts that had the tag now have the button clicked. While I was doing that, I found a number of accounts still...

seemore by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Having materials show up as a single line on the invoice?

We just started with ST. Prior to ST we would list labor and materials as single line items on the invoice. Is there a way to have all of the materials on the invoice be combined into a single line item with a total cost? Most of our customers do not...

IAllen by New Contributor
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Assign Default Invoice to Customer

We are using Template Manager to create different styles of invoices. Currently when they are Published and Active they are an option on the print and email dropdown. It would be great if we could assign a specific template to a specific Customer so ...

Switch to QBO to prepare for Accounting Reimagined?

We currently use Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise but it's been a pain, especially on the payroll side. With ServiceTitan starting to roll out new features with their Accounting Reimagined initiative, is this a good time to switch to Quickbooks Online?T...

marlin by New Contributor II
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Discarding Job Generated $0 Invoices - AIA Used Instead

Hello ST Community,We currently use AIA billing over invoices in projects 85% of the time. During the project, labor and material are being costed to the jobs within the project, resulting in invoices being generated. However, we never use those auto...

mambrosi by New Contributor
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Service Location Email - Invoice Issue

When emailing job invoice we are unable to see any email addresses associated with the service location. As of Monday we had the option to select ANY/ALL email addresses, whether the email address was on the customer record side OR the service locati...

Other Options for Credit Card Processing

My account is asking if there is another option for processing credit cards because since we are processing thru ST our fees have gone up, a lot! Is anyone using anything else and how do you like it? I was told to look at suggestion...

LindaSV by New Contributor
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Tax Zone Issue

I would appreciate some votes for an issue that has been bothering our accouting department for awhile now with the way service titan applies taxes.

KellyB by New Contributor III
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Auto batching

Our accounting team is auto batching invoices which are locking completed and incomplete jobs. this does not allow us to fix invoices/estimates before batching. any recommendations?

How do you guys Invoice shipped materials without a job?

We ship a lot of parts to customers that have multiple locations. We have been using the POS system but it does not let us add a PO# or ship to location. Putting it in the job summary just looks incredibly unprofessional. How are you guys doing it?

Razzy57 by New Contributor
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