Invoice Email Confirmation

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We have an unacceptable amount of email invoice recipients which say they never received there emailed invoice.

It would be very desirable we could log if they have opened the invoice and the date/time (similar to the estimate program). 

Better yet... create a rule to resend the invoice every 24 hours until they open it.


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Salesforce logs when the email was sent, and when it was opened by the recipient. It is very helpful. I hope Service Titan adds this feature.

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@UptackService Hi there! From my experience with cases like this in technical support, it's rarely a case of them blocking the email if they're a legit customer of yours. Generally speaking, the email went to their spam folder inadvertently or they just overlooked it. However, you can see the status in the job audit trail and we can help further with back end operations in technical support. Hope this helps!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Is there a problem with the customers not paying the invoice?  Are you able to verify the invoices were sent to the correct email when it's emailed?  How much is unacceptable?  CSRs sometimes mistype the name and cause the failed status, if this is the reason, more training and some guard rails may be needed.  One guard rail we did in the past was create a custom field that stated "Email confirmed"  and it was a yes/no answer option.  Hope this helps.  Most of our failed emails are from error on our side in entering it on the front end.  I worked as a CSR and CSR manager and saw this problem a bunch.  I even created a failed email text alert so I could stay on top of it and after a few coaching conversations I started seeing less human error situations.  Best of luck resolving this issue.  

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@UptackService I believe you can see the status of emailed invoices in the audit trail of the related job of that invoice. It won't tell you the date/time, but it will tell you if it is "sent" or "opened". It will do this every time you send the invoice, so you can tell them the date and time you sent it using the trail and respectfully that you have record that it was opened. Hope this helps!

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this and you can sent an alert for bounced e-mails (typically wrong e-mail addresses)

Monica Hawkins

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Resending the invoice every 24 hours until they open it is a good way to get them to mark you as spam! A log would be great though

Jessica Woodruff Smith, LadyTitans Co-Founder & Process Manager at AirWorks Solutions