Spiff for who sold the job, not based on splits

We are currently having a dilemma with how we are paying out our spiffs. With our current setup, the spiff is applied to the job and it is split up between the technicians doing the work, based on their percentage. Is there a way to remove the spiff ...

Nelson_Gothard by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Job Summary

How do I get the Job Summary to automatically appear on the invoice?

Invoice Hub Review - Hold Status

What are some reasons for the HOLD status in the review section of the AR Hub? Working on utilizing the review status, and process. Who reviews invoices in your office - is it a Service Manager, CSR/Dispatcher, or someone in your Business Office?

Tonia0079 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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QuickBooks Alternatives

We are considering moving away from QuickBooks and I'm looking for alternatives. What do other companies with 70k+ customers use? Do you like it? Any issues? TIA!

Nancy by New Contributor III
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Customer payment not aligning with Quickbooks customer file

So when we loaded the first go at our customer list into ST we had some issues. So the QB file was cleaned up and when we went live the old QB file was loaded into ST. Now I have credits on payments under customer files because it did not have an inv...

Teresa by New Contributor
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Start Job Date in the Invoice

Hello, I would like to add on the right side of my invoice where I can see for default the Invoice # Invoice Date Terms Completed Date Customer PO and Due Date, I want to add the start date of the Job.

Issue with Automated Refund Workflow

We have known about the automated refund workflow for a long time now but continue to not use it because our customers want to see for tracking purposes, ease of understanding, and tax purposes the total amount they paid for work out the door on a si...

josh_moo by New Contributor
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Resolved! Tax Zone

Is it possible to add the tax zone to the new customer page?

aecox by New Contributor
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Loyalty Credits

In our Total Home Care Membership we offer $50 in loyalty dollar credits for each consecutive year they are a member that can be applied to any mechanical replacement. Unfortunately, I discovered we haven't been tracking this and I'd like to go in an...

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