Invoice Layout Editing Suggestion

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I just received a request from my accounting team to make physical adjustments to our invoice layout only to realize we are unable to do this. I found a suggestion from a year ago about this very topic and I realize it is listed as "Under Consideration" but I feel this would be a very useful feature to have for many companies and would like to bring attention back to it. Hopefully this can help push it the rest of the way and get it added to the developer's roadmap. 



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We would like to be able to select a default format (current options are itemized with price, itemized without price, aggregated, hide items). We use aggregated 99% of the time because having a 3 page invoice with every fitting listed is not desired, but this has to be selected manually each time we send an invoice.  It is cumbersome. 

The aggregated format is, quite honestly, terrible.  It shows 1 hour, 1 material with no description and if you use another "task" item, other than labor, those line items print separately on the invoice and is the only line item that has a description.  

We would like to see the qty column removed as it is not necessary on aggregated format.  And, we would like to be able to have Tech Labor listed on one line, Helper Labor listed on another line, Chargeable Materials on a 3rd line and other charges listed separately.  Maybe editable description fields or the ability to select what line items we would like to have shown on the invoice.   

Great suggestions @KDahmen - did you add those to @Daniel_Rajotte 's idea? If you didn't, I would definitely head over there, add your comments and your vote.

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@Daniel_Rajotte - this is a great idea, and thanks so much for adding your comments to it. Any details you and others can provide to the product team are very helpful!