Accounting Tab Access

I have 3 Suggestions on this tab:1)- please fix the glitch that allows employees to view batches even when their permissions say they cannot view batches.2)- When bypassing an export- please mark that batch as "Bypassed" vs. "Exported" so that we can...

How to edit "Remit To" on statement

We recently noticed that when sending statements to customers either by email or printing, the "Please remit to:" at the top right is blank underneath. Where can we add this information? I have looked under email settings, business units but haven't ...

dyan_the by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Payment Reminders

Is there a way to set up automated text/email reminders for customers who haven't paid their invoice after x amount of days?

TaylorByrd by New Contributor II
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Invoices for Members vs Non-Members

ST Personnel,I would like the option to show the savings our Membership customers received AND the potential Membership savings our non-members would receive with a Membership. If this is already a setup option, I am unaware of it and would like for ...

alemke by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Quickbooks online VS. Desktop

Has anyone ever switch from desktop version to online?? We are looking at switching and would like to know what are the PROS and COS for doing this?? Any feedback will help on online version. Thanks

Eramirez1 by New Contributor
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Payables - Vendor editing permission

It would be helpful for employees who do not have access to Settings to have the ability to edit vendor information for the Payables feature. For example, we would like to grant permission for our Accounts Payable specialist to edit the remittance ve...

ngoggin_ by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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NSF checks and other payment issues

Hey @LREADER . I saw your idea concerning NSF checks. I felt your pain but don't anymore. If you lookup the exchange titled "Returned checks, disputed card payments, and anything else that is a negative payment" in this section of the community, you ...

michael21 by Contributor III
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Statements have become jumbed

I tried to print the statements for this month, and the addition of new information has made the lines too long for the paper and it is making the last digit or two of the invoice # and prices shift to the 2nd line. I started a help chat through Serv...

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