Invoice Layout Editing Suggestion

I just received a request from my accounting team to make physical adjustments to our invoice layout only to realize we are unable to do this. I found a suggestion from a year ago about this very topic and I realize it is listed as "Under Considerati...

Daniel_Rajotte by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Invoice email according to Payment terms

Hey everyone, I am new to Service Titan, and there is so much to learn I thought I would ask here before looking too far. Is there a way to have an Email Template for each Payment type, or is it only 1 generic email template for all invoices. Thank y...

Credit Card Payments

When an invoice is emailed to a customer but chose *hide items* for invoice style when customer goes to 'Make A Payment' a task breakdown is provided in online payments. If the invoice was not provided with a break down is there a way remove the task...

EManley by New Contributor
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Resolved! Invoicing

It would be nice if there was a way to put an attention line on the invoices. Some invoices need to go to a specific person with the company being invoiced and there isn't a way to do that except under the notes on the customer account or under invoi...

Kathy70 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Non-Job Purchase Orders

How are those with Inventory and Purchasing turned on creating non-job purchase orders? We used to be able to do that by going to the dispatch board and clicking the technician. Now that option is gone. Now I can't create a purchase order without cho...

smischke by New Contributor II
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Invoice Layout Editing

Service Titan does not allow us to edit invoice layout. I think this is a really basic feature that should be implemented. Changes that I would like to see implemented:Field(s) chooser: I should be able to decide for our company which fields appear o...

Adam_HSSOE by New Contributor III
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