Managing a Customer's Billing History

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I'm struggling with situations where I need to research AR activity on a customer account. For example, I may have a job that involved multiple adjustment invoices in addition to the original invoice as well a multiple payments.

How can I look at a job and see all the invoices (regular and adjustment) as well as all payments applied to those invoice without having to drill into the original invoice and click through all the adjustment invoices one by one?

The new Customer screen layout lists jobs, it lists invoices, it lists payments but I can't find any way to see this information in an organized way.



ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi, @Mr_Tim, and thank you so much for bringing this topic to our attention😊 

There isn't a better way to review all the job invoices rather than visiting the main invoice page, at this time. Thanks for sharing your feedback. That sounds like something for the ideas page! 💡