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Why is there an Alert for "Payment Applied" for credit cards, but Not one for "Payment FAILED"???!!!

It would be a HUGE help to be able to have an email Alert setup for when payments Failed. Even better is if had it also text an Alert to the tech to let him know; it case it's After Hours.

Daily, our techs will collect payment in the field, from our customer using their credit card; it will show them it was paid and I will receive an email that "Payment Applied." But then once the tech closes the job and drives away, the payment will fail. Do I get an Alert for that? NO!!! There's not one, only for failed emails. So the next business day, when I'm going through the invoices on the office side, I discover that the payment failed; then I'm the one left chasing the customer for payment.

Recently I had one that took over 2 months to collect. After servals phone calls, emails, mailed letter, applying a late fee, sending another letter, and then a final certified letter; she finally called back and paid. That's a lot of overhead hours that our company spent just to collect $170.


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I reached out to Fintech support regarding this and this was their reply, hope it helps: 

"Hello Mariela, 

Thank you for taking my phone call today regarding the report providing the entry method for your processed transactions. 
The report available within ServiceTitan is labeled as Credit Card Transaction, and the data is shown within the Entry Method column. 

Additionally, the data is available within the ServiceTitan Payment gateway using the steps provided below. 

Under the Transaction Reports screen, select the date range within the section labeled Search Transactions.
Additionally, under status, change the field to Complete and the Action Type to Sale. 

From the following screen, you can download the file at the bottom of the page by selecting Download Transactions. 


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Thank you, but yes I run the Transaction Report in the payment gateway daily, for our bookkeeper. And it does not always show the transaction that failed. I will have 4 card payments fail and maybe one shows up on the Transaction Report; not sure why. Thank you for the suggestion.

My point is, if they can create an Alert for 'Applied Payments' why can't they create one for 'FAILED Payments' ???

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

How do you get to the reports to see failed payments? 

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I added an idea a while back if you want to vote on it. 

"I think it would be good if when we are in the field and a credit card or mobile check payment fails, that it still shows up on the invoice as a "Fail" and the reason until we delete it. That way when we send it to the customer, they see that we did try to submit the payment, but there was an issue."  COMMUNITY-I-2012