Refund Process

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I feel like the whole refund process is a nightmare. Its very time consuming and confusing. I have issues with the taxes going with the refund. It wont calculate tax. The steps you have to take is overwhelming.  



Refunding is a joke.

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Today I had an issue with a customer who canceled after giving us a deposit and before anyone went to her home.  In order to process the refund in Service Titan I had to do the following:

  • Refund her credit card
  • Delete the item in her invoice
  • Add a technician to the job.
  • Complete the job
  • Batch and Post the invoice in a batch which errored because of the credit invoice and had to be reexported.
  • Add an adjustment invoice
  • Put the refund in the adjustment invoice
  • Batch and Post the refund

This is incredibly time consuming and requires way more work than it should.  I would like the ability to do refunds on the original invoice and not require so many steps to refund money.  Especially critical when a job is canceled after a deposit and no one is going to be going to the job!

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I agree. It is very overwhelming and it would be great to see this streamlined in a simpler way.

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Hello @julie-as,

With the automated refund, you have the option to refund specific items (which will include tax for those items), or you can do a full refund. 

You can find more information on automated refunds at: