Former Titan

Hello Titans!

🚨 This is not a drill! 🚨 We are just four days away from announcing the winners of our Back 2 Basics Community contest.


 Who’s coming for @JessicaSmith, @RandiThompson, and @reneem? Also, a welcome to @Zakw!

When we started building the ServiceTitan Community, one of the pieces of feedback we heard from you loud and clear was there were too many places to go to find the answers you needed. With that in mind, we implemented a brand new search tool into the Community to bring all of those resources together in one single search. And here’s something really cool about that search tool—it gets smarter the more it’s used! Ready to learn more about the Community search? Check out this great video from @CassandraDMC, and make the most of your searches.