Former Titan

It’s time for our January Community Member Spotlight! 🌟

J is for January, J is for Jessica and she is our member spotlight this month! Jessica is a true ServiceTitan veteran and a long time valued Community member. She has 1680 kudos in the Community (just wow 🤠) and 84 accepted solutions.  Her achievements are incredible but they don’t end there- she’s also a ServiceTitan Certified Admin, she runs Lady Titans, she has been in Torch Network for years and has helped internal product teams with testing. She’s been to every Pantheon and she has even spoken at Pantheon. I could go on and on about her list of accomplishments but you get the point. Thank you Jessica, we appreciate you! 😃 



Jessica also answered a few questions. Here is what she said: 

Tell us a little bit about your background.

My dad was the second generation owner of an HVAC company, but I never thought I'd go to work for him! In 2006, when I was 22, after aimlessly working retail and hospitality jobs for a few years, he asked me to come help answer phones over the summer. From that point, I never looked back. I did just about every job I could do in the office, from CSR to Sales Lead Coordinator, Project Manager to Bookkeeper to Office Manager. You name it, if it's not a field position I probably did it. In 2021, he decided to sell and I transitioned to a corporate role for the PE firm that acquired the business, managing the ServiceTitan software across the entire portfolio, including support for existing tenants and implementing for new acquisitions. This role taught me A LOT, including that I didn't love "corporate life." In 2022 I found a unicorn of a position at AirWorks Solutions, which is ALL the way across the country from where I live. I work 100% remote now, creating processes and helping the company grow.

What motivated you to join the ServiceTitan Community and what are you hoping to get out of your experience here?

My motivation to join community initially was winning tickets to Pantheon 2023 when Community initially launched. My motivation to STAY is to help others and form connections with other users.

Any ServiceTitan feature that you’re a big fan of or couldn’t live without?

I couldn't live without Custom Reporting- I don't know how anyone on a lower package than the works even survives without this feature.

Do you have any advice for new Community members? 

Check in daily- see what's new. Is there someone you can help? Maybe someone asked a question you didn't even know you had until you came across it and the answer can help you too. Just engage!  

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to cook in my spare time.

Do you have a favorite dessert? 

Milk and Cookies milkshake from Coldstone

If you were competing on a cooking show, what would you make?

For Christmas, I cooked a delicious filet mignon in my sous vide and made a peppercorn sauce that was restaurant quality, so maybe that!

If you could travel back in time to any point in history, what would it be?

I miss the 90s.