Former Titan

We ended 2023 with some incredible accomplishments ever seen in the ServiceTitan Community! 🎉

Your dedication and support in the Community is what keeps us going. Everyday you continue to embrace the Community and make it an engaging place to support each other whether it's sharing a business tip or even saying hello to a new member. We are proud to say that we exceeded our goal of bringing Community members together everyday, and it's all thanks to you!

In 2023, we reached new heights. We've had new enhancements in the Community from the ideas experience to new profile widgets to new badges. You name it! We've welcomed new members and even created the Titan Lounge for both long time members and new members. We had a series of contests for 5 consecutive months, Pathway to Pantheon, and we met up in Orlando, Florida- bonded, took pictures, and ate some delicious food at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney Springs. 🐭 We’ve hosted multiple contests, launched new groups including the Canadian User Group (@KhianaKlatt) and the Small Business Group (@Miranda). We also launched the Community Member Spotlight to recognize and get to know some of our most dedicated and passionate Community members - (@KhianaKlatt @MadisonChicken @krista-gac @Miranda @RandiThompson @MirandaMel). 

We’ve collected some astounding statistics over the last year in one place.

In 2023, you: 

  • Viewed 960,598 pages - that’s almost saying our Community has been visited 1 Million times!  🖥
  • Spent 852,799 minutes in the Community - that’s equivalent to 6,091 days! 🕰
  • Created 3,195 Discussion topics 📕
  • Made 11,500 Comments on Discussions and Articles ✏️
  • Identified 570 Accepted Solutions 
  • Gave 17,877 kudos - that’s a LOT of thumbs ups! 👍
  • Joined 2,743 others in one of 28 Groups 😄
  • Submitted 3,274 Ideas 💡
  • Voted 20,853 times for these ideas 📬 AND
  • Earned 21,196 badges! 🌠



Here’s to an even better 2024! Happy New Year everyone!