Former Titan

Hello Titans!

It’s time once again to see the leaders in our Back 2 Basics Community contest.



 @JessicaSmith still holding onto the top spot, and a bit of jockeying in the top five with @RandiThompson@reneem@AdamCronenberg, and @erinpbradley. And, @dwhite45@misty325@HannahQPHC@knorris rounding out the top 10. A big welcome to @Leehvac joining the leaderboard.

Having a bit of FOMO? Well, get engaged!

  • Comment on an article 
  • Create a new post on a Discussion board 
  • Reply to another member’s post 

Here’s an extra challenge for you this week - Complete your Community profile. Being in a community means you have opportunities to get to connect with and know your fellow members, but if they don’t know who you are, it’s tough to connect. Ready to share more about you? 

  1. Click on your profile avatar.
  2. Click My settings.
  3. Click Personal Information.
  4. Complete as many fields as you’re comfortable with, and tell us who you are.
    Other Community members aren’t able to see this information, unless you explicitly share it with them. If you would like to review your Privacy Settings, follow this path: My settings>Preferences>Privacy>Privacy Settings
  5. Click Save.

Completing your profile information allows us to create even more unique and personalized experiences for you in the ServiceTitan Community!