2nd Line for Contact

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We are used to having a 2nd line for Contact information especially when dealing with a Commercial Property.  The Location &/Or Billing will Read:

Company Name: ABC Company

Customer Name: Michael Jordan

This way you can search for a customer name not just by company name when someone calls in. It's also a way to keep Property Managers separated when dealing with Management Companies or different divisions within the same company.  It also helps if you need another line for billing purposes like a care of line: C/O Michael Jordan.  Our prior software system had this and this is a big gap in the Service Titan software.  


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You guys take care of Michael Jordan?? Lol 😁

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Hey Sarah- are you using custom fields already? I know some customers who will use custom fields as a workaround. 

And if you're looking to make it so that c/o shows on the invoice, I highly suggest you speak with your success manager to get "Multiple Invoice/Estimate print options" turned on in your account. 

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