Adding recurring services to accounts

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Is there a way to be able to search through our list of recurring services when creating one for an account? We have 30+ different recurring service types and it used to be you could search which one you were looking for, now we have to scroll through the list to look for the one we're trying to add. Anyone else having this issue or is it just my office?



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Scrolling for us as well, however depending on where you go to change it, it may be easier to find. For example, when we sell a membership, it automatically dumps in "furnace maintenance" and "AC maintenance" if I am on the main edit of the entire plan, at the bottom where it says "add recurring service" that list seems to be in order based on when each recurring service was created, with no real rhyme or reason. If you go in to the specific recurring service, "Recurring service type" is a drop down menu and those are in alphabetical order. Helps find it a bit quicker. Hopefully this helps a little!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

It is scrolling for us, too.  I added an * to the front of the most popular ones for us so they were at the top of the list.


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