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Right now, when a technician is taking vacation or a day off, I go to the dispatch board and enter a event.  This shows on my dispatch board. I also go the technician shift tab and make a day off there. But doing both of these steps does not reflect on the Schedule / calendar screen.

How can I get the same information to show in all places?  

I was also trying to write in the "all-day" box at the top on the schedule screen when office staff may be off. But it seems that only recurring information shows there. Any ideas on how if possible we can use that box for more than recurring notes.


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi, @lnorse5588, and thanks for bringing this topic to our attention!

I have forwarded the details you provided to our team of technical specialists, and your case is currently under review. The specialist will get in touch with you soon.