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Hello! I'm curious to know how everyone has their call reasons set up.

We're diving deeper into our call booking metrics and I'd like to hear/see what practices you are using.

What call reasons are leads? Which are not?


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As said above we use them as to why we did not get the job or why the job was canceled. SOme examples from my company are;

Appointment too far out/No earlier appointments

Customer said they would call back but didn't

We don't work with products they have


Hope these examples help!

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Anything that CAN be booked is considered a lead. So if a customer says they don't want to book based on availability (they wanted someone out sooner), if they are just calling around for price, etc. are all jobs that COULD be booked, those are leads. So would go against booked call %. This not only allows us to look at these calls and see what else we can offer to book it, or if there are situations that we should have offered sooner availability, but also allows your Customer Service Manager to see how many jobs are we losing because someone wants you out sooner or they think your pricing is too high, etc. Lots to deep dive into from call metrics!

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @heeaaath -- when thinking of setting up your call reasons for your company, consider this question "why weren't these calls booked into jobs?" From there you can determine if they are a lead or not by asking this question "should this call have been converted into a job?"

Examples of lead calls vs. non: a customer wanted price over the phone (lead) vs. a customer calling about an invoice (not a lead)

Here's a link on topics covered for setting up call reasons:

Hope this helps!

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