Call Recording cuts out when we enter the customer payment information.

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Call Recording cuts out when we enter the customer payment information.  I am wondering, if you can make the recording automatically stop when we go into “Add Payment Method” or “Collect and Apply Payment.” Screen,  why can’t you have the recording start automatically when we close out of that screen?


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Our calls stop recording totally once payment info is discussed and/or payment screen is opened. I understand the desire for customer privacy of sensitive information however; we the users are now vulnerable to not having proof the customer gave authorization of obtaining/ processing payment. All our calls do not resume, they are cut off totally so we lose any conversation - interaction after that with the customer. This is not conducive to our protection as a company.  Please make an option to turn on/off this feature for individual companies. 

Hi @aml33 - Welcome to the ServiceTitan Community!

I am so sorry to hear that you are having issues with your calls not resuming after obtaining payment details. I'm going to have a member of our team reach out to you to assist in resolving this. 

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@ctemplar - I understand you're still having issues with this, so I'm going to ask a member of our team to connect with you to resolve the issue. Stay tuned!

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It does automatically start recording again.  At least on my end

Amanda Smith

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Yes - I have wondered this as well. When I go to click to start re-recording the conversation, I have had it disconnect me from customers. I would love if it was automatic as well. If you haven't already - add this to the ideas page and I will give it a vote!

Khiana Klatt
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