Call screen

I was trying to book a customer. I put in their address, and nothing came up. Put in their names, and nothing came up. We have been out there several times. When I went to just create a new customer and hit save, it told me the customer address alrea...

ilenab by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Manual call reporting- need votes!

Hey! This idea is not mine but I voted on it, so I got a notification that it got moved to "needs community votes" status. If this sounds like something you want, be sure to go vote on it! COMMUNITY-I-938Manual Call ReportingConsider making all manua...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Need Help Engaging Your CSR's? Let's Talk About It..

Every month, LadyTitans (a Women's Empowerment group), gets the pleasure of bringing out the women and allies of the trades come and speak about leadership, business operations, mindset and so much more! In last month's meeting, we dove deep with Ren...

by Contributor II
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dispatch Notifications

Hello,I am having a problem that I am hoping you can help me with. For the dispatch notifications we are able to let customers know when we are on the way, which is great btw. But one thing I have notice that is causing a problem is when a tech goes ...

laulauga by New Contributor
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Replies to Appointment Reminders

Where do I find appointment reminder replies from customers who: 1) TEXT back to our appointment reminder sent via ST? We currently have the chat feature turned off, do we need to turn it on? If so, what is the impact of turning the chat feature on?2...

vtadros9 by New Contributor II
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Schedule Assistant - Drive Time & Miles Caluculation

Hi - is anyone else experiencing issues with Schedule Assistant not calculating the correct drive time and miles? I checked the address on the job I was booking and the job before it and neither one was needing an address validation. It's either over...

kdaggett by New Contributor II
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Top 5's for CSRs and Dispatchers should review

Not in anyorder and I would love to hear what you have your team read/watch: The Fred Factor by Mark SanbornHow to Win Friends and Influence Others by Dale CarnegieWebinar from ST: How to Increase Call Booking Rates:

mquigley by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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2nd Line for Contact

We are used to having a 2nd line for Contact information especially when dealing with a Commercial Property. The Location &/Or Billing will Read:Company Name: ABC CompanyCustomer Name: Michael JordanThis way you can search for a customer name not jus...

Custom Fields Assigned to a Specific Business Unit

Hi, I was reaching out today as I was trying to create some required "Custom Fields" and assign them to just our call center business unit. Unfortunately, ServiceTitan doesn't have the ability to assign the Custom Fields to a specific business unit. ...

zjohnson by New Contributor
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Recurring Service and Booking

I am looking for a way to book recurring services for one technician rather than pulling them out of the schedule tab one by one. I can set the preferred technician but this only saves 2 clicks per job. The service advisor I spoke with informed me th...

MylesMcGregor by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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