Ever thought of DO Not Service a Location?

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I think it would be helpful to be able to add "Do Not Service" to a location like we can a customer. For example, we have a customer who has several locations, but there is one that is very run down and every time we end up there, he argues about his invoice. If we could just tag that location to not service any longer, we could avoid the hassle. We have it noted and tagged, but those do get missed. If you agree, I added it to the Ideas area.



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We have a "do not service" tag and are able to add that to a specific location instead of the customer itself 

We do too, but that does not stop CSR's from booking jobs. They overlook those tags daily. The only thing that actually stops a job from being booked is clicking that "Do Not Service" box. Constant struggle on the Admin side.

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This would be super helpful for our commercial customers with multiple locations! Just voted

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Voted! Good Idea!

Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC

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My company had a work around for this where we add a red "Do Not Service'' tag to the location. It isn't as noticeable as we would like, but it at least flags it that way. This is a great idea though!