Why were the Job Type and Business Unit boxes reversed on the Call Booking page ?

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Just a small annoyance to complain about - but why did ST ever reverse the Job Type and Business Unit boxes when booking a call ? Do you remember when you selected the Business Unit first and then it only populated the Job Types in THAT unit ? 

I know some get so overwhelmed looking at all the choices to select from the Job Type.   It was easier when you could select HVAC first and then only HVAC Job Types populated in the Job Type box. 

If there is a way to change the layout on our screen - please tell me. 



ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @AtYourService

When navigating to Settings > Operations > Job Bookings you can configure some fields on Job Booking Screen, however, there isn't an option to reverse the Job Type and BU boxes, at this time.