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It is great that we can now do bold, italics, etc in our job summaries... BUT not across all of ST.  

  1. You can't use enriched text in setting up your job type's preset summary
  2. You can't do it in a job booking on the call screen
  3. On the job page, if you use the edit pencil, all text runs together like a sentence.  You lose all (enter/ returns)

From the job page using the pencil, you can reset all of your spacing, but it is easier to just hit the edit pencil at the top of the page to edit the entire job.  Great feature, but not very consistent across ST.  

Are there plans to fix this to be the same in all of these areas? (especially in settings / job types)

Scott Forbes
Custom Climate Concepts

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I voted for this! I would love to make my prepopulated "questions" in the summary bold, so you can easily see the answers!

Renee Lenox - Service Specialties Inc. | LadyTitans Board Member


I love this idea! You should add it to the Ideas board as well so we can vote it up!

Just did... COMMUNITY-I-2031


Scott Forbes
Custom Climate Concepts